Here it is! One of our favourite gardening celebrations – National Gardening Week 2021!

The aim of the event is to inspire British population, especially younger people, to learn more about gardening and how green spaces benefit us.

We’ve got something special for you to celebrate this year’s Gardening Week with us – scroll down to find out! 🌼





In the modern cities more and more people live in less green residential environments.

However, looking out on and being surrounded by green spaces seems to boost out wellbeing, increase health and feelings of social safety.





We recommend everyone to get their daily dose of “vitamin G” by making time everyday to connect with Mother Nature. 🌸

And what’s a better way to slow down than gardening?!

As research suggests, gardening twice or thrice a week relieves stress and improves the overall wellbeing.

It also does wonders to your soul. 🌷

 “We may think we’re nurturing our garden, but of course it’s garden that is really nurturing us.” – Jenny Uglow



And now go out to get your daily dose of “vitamin G”! 🌻